Ganpati Decoration Ideas for Home 2021

Onset of vibrant happy emotions glowing on faces, sweetest of modaks and laddoos around with some mid-way dance moves with your loved ones...what did you picture? 
Yes, you guessed it right! It's the Ganpati festival, it’s the time when lord Ganesha gets all ready to step into your homes amid the gaiety celebrations and preparations that go on for his introduction into our strict and rigid routines to relieve every soul from the inconveniences and tensions one’s going through!
Now when Lord Vinayaka, visiting our places, what special Ganpati Decoration can one do to make it vibe with the merriment as in one’s heart which is innovative, something striking and attractive as well as reasonable to one’s pockets? Well, the answer to ganpati decoration ideas at home lies in Ganpati decoration ideas as follows.

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Take a glance at Ganpati festival decoration ideas for home!


Let the colors do the singing!

This one ganpati decoration idea that never goes out of style is colors! From toddlers to the oldies, everybody admires a beautiful rangoli at the entrance door or in the drawing hall or at any favorite spot of your home. 

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  • One can even go for organic and eco-friendly rangoli color options available in the market, easily.
  • Don't miss out on the greenery in and around.                                                                                                                                                                           

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Make you own elements


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The best Ganpati home decoration idea is choosing the right and environmentally friendly material like paper, cloth scraps, old glass bottles and cardboard boxes you can make long lasting Ganpati decorations such as origami streamers, simple streamers, fabric decorative flowers, glass lamps, cardboard props, wall decor pieces and what not!















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  • With the old fabric you can even stitch new sets of dhoti and chunar for lord ganpati!


Simply flora !

What's a better ganpati decoration idea than the fresh air filled with the good odor of marigolds, made into flower streamers and layout of banana leaves on the table/platform on top of which everything is kept, suits. Apart from marigolds, any flower but hibiscuses, especially, are yet another one of the best offerings and ganpati decoration for the platform.

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Backgrounds and draperies

This ganpati home decoration idea asks nothing much but something like handmade and decorated cardboard backdrop or your special painted wall section can act as one. A warm & rich color fabric with some light embroidery or any famous handcrafted fabric can give your ganpati decoration a new yet attractive edge. You can dedicate yourself to create a paper flower horizontal streamers in good numbers to make a  curtain out of it for sides and backdropping.

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Keep it lit!

Indian homes get their eco friendly and energetic makeover when some diyas are bought inside for ganpati home decorations. This can help as well as support local diya makers even on off- diwali season.

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  • Keeping a good layout of diyas of various sizes on the table/elevated platform created for ganpati decoration gives glamour and energy to your interiors, both at the same time.


Plan the limelight in your ganpati decoration ideas

Incoming of ganesha leads to the shifting of spotlight all over to just ganpati and ganpati decorations, not literally but even practically. You can brood over the ganpati decoration idea of making a set-up at that specific portion of your house where the light falls on the ground giving a limelight. Incorporating and setting in of a fancy multi hue ceiling light also solves the purpose.

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Be Constructive in decoration ideas for home

When it comes to bringing in of a splendid mandir for your ganesha idol for ganpati decorations, better is to make bold and sturdy choices under ganpati decoration ideas at home, such as, choosing a wooden, mdf mandirs which are easily available adding to which even customizations are an option available. 

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  • With MDF/ cardboard, the crafty person at home gets his/her crafting time to contribute to ganpati decorations to create a masterpiece around this time.


Put your hands to clay

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Beautiful elements of ganpati decoration for the table can be created out of clay, some diyas, platters, little mice who are gajanana's ride, flowers and incense stick holders and what not. Give a handmade touch to your ganpati home decorations, this time. 


Got old sarees? Put to ganpati decoration ideas

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Well, this ganpati decoration idea can get you searching your old trunks, boxes and cupboard for that one old long wonderful piece of cloth which you or your mother are tired of draping onto themselves, this gives you the opportunity to get experimental with your ganpati decorations. Get creative, create a backdrop, drape it on the platform/ table, make props out of it like decorative fans, your ganesha’s headgear, stitch an all purpose storage pouch for daily worship materials, make a cover for thali and other utensils or baskets all around the spot.


Time for the luxury metals

It’s the time when the Lord has stepped in but where is that old gold platter, diyas and holders adorned with gold leaf and engraved designs? Ganpati home decoration ideas need you to be ready with the sweet savouries served ready before him in the best possible way! Devotees can lay out the sweet dishes and other delicacies in their old / new silver, brass, gold or even steel, for that matter, tableware and serve lord ganpati in the same. This makes the ambience of the home rich and festive.

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Stay away from the Non Friendly ones!

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The present scenario of the environment yearns on the waste generation due to plastic materials present in every single product be it flowers or a simple plate, one finds it cheaper and very easily available. To not go with the harmful flow, stay away from the non eco-friendly materials and ganpati decoration items made out of the same. Be thoughtful of what you choose, nature offers flowers, prefer the real ones, our environment gives us clay, metals and paper, huge leaves, so, opt these out of the notorious plastic containers. 


Antiques do the task well!

Don’t hide off an old cupboard, chowki or table as some fun ganpati decoration ideas like this need some time and attention for the ones mentioned. These antiques or old worn out pieces, if cleaned, dusted, painted, varnished and repaired can turn into a mini stage for you special ganpati home decoration mandap. 

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Cozier and welcoming - rugs

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Add a cozier and grand touch to the ganpati decorations by placing a good rug, according to the look and interior color scheme of your home, near the mandap and ganpati’s asana, to make the place and ganpati decorations at home stand out from the rest of the interior layout.



Vighanaharta admires art!

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The god of knowledge and art, himself, admires small efforts, gestures and offerings by humans.

One of the ganpati decoration idea for home encourages little artists and creative minds to juggle with ganpati home decoration ideas and generate their own style of ganpati decoration, for example, you yourself and your family members can get together to create a big art frame with organic colors, seeds, lentils, threads, leaves, petals, etc. 

  • This art piece could be an impression of palms of all the family members using organic paints. 
  • A big picture of our favorite, shri ganesh, using leaves, twigs, petals and threads for innovative ganpati home decorations
  • Not just this, handwoven and handknitted wall decor, hand painted ganesha idol on canvas, paper mache masks, modaks and mice for making the background wall more attractive and ganpati decoration interiors even more delightful. 















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This is merely the starting, with deep and immense love and affection in one's worshipping for Lord Gajanan, there's definitely no full stop to the flow of thoughts and newer ganpati decoration ideas that can turn out to be a great twist in the field of ganpati decoration ideas at home. With Shri Ganesha's blessings, there's no question of evil entrants, failure of efforts, hard work and ill ideas rather everything is flipped to auspicious and beneficial. All that is required is purity in cognition and love towards Lord ganpati!

Hail Mangalmurti in unison!! And yes, happy Experimenting!


- Astitvika Swarnkar