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  • Mirror Wall Strips | Panels | Set of 2 Strips |Metallic Dusky Lory
  • Mirror Wall Strips | Panels | Set of 2 Strips |Metallic Dusky Lory
  • Mirror Wall Strips | Panels | Set of 2 Strips |Metallic Dusky Lory
  • Mirror Wall Strips | Panels | Set of 2 Strips |Metallic Dusky Lory
  • Mirror Wall Strips | Panels | Set of 2 Strips |Metallic Dusky Lory
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Dusky Lory

Designer mirrors for walls | Home Decor Mirror Wall | Mirror Wall panels | Set of 2 Strips | Tear Drop shape - Metallic

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About the product:-

  • Statement Walls: A glam combination in series/ panels of distressed gold iron finish over top quality mirror glass, this is a statement piece for your statement walls. If you haven't been able to find designer mirrors for wall yet then here's the chance to opt for fabulous mirror wall panels/ mirror strips made passionately in iron metal, from Dusky Lory.
  • Rich Experimentation: If experimenting with interiors and adding amazingly rich looking decor items to your space...then these precisely finished mirror strips for walls are the one to go for, fearlessly!
  • A product that easily translates elegance and standard to the walls as a perfect mirror for bedroom, drawing room or kitchen.
  • Perfect gift: Not just your interiors, these designer mirrors for walls can add delight to every home of your closed ones and friends. Gift mirror wall panels from Dusky Lory and surprise them to receive pretty smiles in return. A present that they'll always remember and cherish.
  • Claim the amazing offer online from Dusky Lory: So you needn't go far but may finalise the idea of mirror online shopping and quickly grab this amazing and splendid wall mirror online! Buy from Dusky Lory and receive amazing offers! Get for yourself, gift it to your closed ones and make your everyday look as glam as you are.
  • Quality Material: Solid Iron with gold distressed finish
  • Dimensions of the panels: 53 x 8 inch
  • Weight: 2.93 KG for 1 strip ( 5.86 KG for every 2 strips you receive in the box)
  • In the Box:- 2 beautiful tear drop shape strips


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What makes these available wall mirror online/ mirror strips for walls so unmatchable?

If you have been searching markets and online shops for so long, looking for a perfect and new in style mirror for bedroom/ mirror wall panels, to sprinkle a touch of your personal style and retro glam feel to your home and interiors then just to let you know that you are looking at the right nook for decorating walls with mirror designs. These mirror strips for walls from Dusky Lory, belongs to that category of products that keeps your vision bound to itself and makes you admire everything about the fancy mirror glass design of it. The mirror wall panels a. k. a mirror wall art is made wholly in iron metal and has a gold distressed finish to the body of the mirror wall panels. Why can it be called a mirror wall art? Awesomeness that speaks through the color, finish, shape, material, fancy mirror glass design and usability in terms of placement/ orientation of mirror strips for walls make it no less than a piece of mirror wall art deserving much likeness and appreciation. This decision of yours for designer mirrors for walls is gonna rock the residential interiors as well as commercial interiors, unequalled than any other designer mirror for walls in the same category. One of the pros in choosing your large decorative mirrors for living room, India, mirror wall panels, for home and commercial interiors is the quality of materials used fused with years of experienced manufacturing techniques, craftsmanship and processes. The raw materials for every piece of mirror strips as either mirror for bedroom/ designer mirrors for walls and every other product too are sourced from trustworthy and authentic suppliers using which the manufacturing and production happens either manually by of most skillful artisans or by the best of the manufacturers in the production line of mirrors for bedroom / designer mirrors for walls using quality equipments as well as machinery and techniques to do the same ultimately letting you decorating walls with mirror designs. Head for mirror online shopping and buy mirror strips/ wall mirrors online from Dusky Lory online store.

Why choose fancy mirror glass design/ mirror wall panels from Dusky Lory?

Looking for  glam mirror wall panels and browsing for some wonderful wall mirrors online to start your mirror online shopping to add a touch of sizzle and style with rich retro  feel that is functional as well functionality to your homes and work interiors then Dusky Lory removes the curtains from glamorous, designer mirrors for walls. At dusky Lory these are available as wall mirrors online. This product is made entirely out of iron metal and finished in gold distressed color finish and impeccable for decorating walls with mirror designs. Now why you should choose this Dusky Lory product is because you got your material quality, fancy mirror glass design, product finish and budget friendliness sorted and along with that the procedures, industrial process and craftsmanship is undoubtedly top notch and authentic, so, what consumers receive is the best quality and durability against their investment. Choose style and authentically created products like large decorative mirrors for living room, India, mirror for bedroom and designer mirrors for walls & beautiful wall mirrors online to complete your mirror online shopping from Dusky Lory with huge savings.

At what all places can you make the decor twist happen using the amazing mirror wall panels/ designer mirrors for walls ?

Where all do you think the mirrors don't cast their magic, well, mirrors/ mirror strips/ mirror wall panels are ones that make the place more lively by their quality of reflection, reflecting the moods and happiness of everyday working. Apart from general four cornered mirrors, large decorative mirrors for living room, India or any other room/ space add dynamics to the space and serve additional purpose of decorating walls with mirror designs rather than serving just the sole purpose of reflection from your bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms giving a static and boring look. How to creatively justify your mirror online shopping?

  • Mirror for Bedrooms: Mirrors for bedroom add a dash of retro style with a tinge of Royal appeal to your grand bedrooms with mirror wall panels /designer mirrors for walls and make it look stunning like never before. To add a splash of quirk to the walls through mirror for bedroom, buy mirrors for bedroom/ wall mirror online from Dusky Lory.
  • Living rooms: Another grandeur element to your elementary living room space, designer mirrors for walls cum a mirror wall art that are large decorative mirrors for living room, India, encapsulates you and your guests in awe with its newness in form design, orientation on wall and rich appeal. Buy wall mirrors online from Dusky Lory.
  • Design offices: The basic necessity of any thoughtful design interior is the good, classy and functional design. The same goes for design offices and studios too. The statement designer mirrors for walls/ mirror strips/ mirror wall panels for wall by Dusky Lory are created to satiate the taste buds for good decor for the chick and quirky interiors that apart from offering the basic need add style and excitement as well. Buy wall mirrors online from dusky Lory and do your mirror online shopping from Dusky Lory.
  • Instagram ready: In today's Gen Z era how can we refrain from the idea of social media presence. Instagrammers are the new entrepreneurs that need everything, like sheets to mirrors for bedroom to the scent of perfume, perfect. They wish to share their creative content creatively giving out the sense of positivity and ecstasy. This needs their interiors to repeat the same definition where gleaming mirror wall art, fancy mirror glass design/ designer mirrors for walls or large decorative mirrors for living room, India, can be instrumental. Do your mirror online shopping from Dusky Lory.
  • Studios: Be it design studio, photography studio, film and advertising or art studio, the versatile mirror strips/ mirror strips for walls do their sole task of spreading awesomeness with rich look, decorating walls with mirror designs, incorporating elegance, irrespective of place types. Do your mirror online shopping from Dusky Lory.
  • Hotels: Talking about the reception areas, the lounges, bedrooms and the rooms, imagine the subtle beauty with class the fancy mirror glass design shaped as mirror wall panels/ mirror for bedroom would breathe in and out! Do your mirror online shopping from Dusky Lory.
  • Cafe or restaurants: Buying splendid wall mirrors online through mirror online shopping and flip the boring public spots into social media ready and exciting places by adding fancy mirror glass design, decorating walls with mirror designs such that people would want to visit frequently. Do your mirror online shopping from Dusky Lory.

Buy the extremely versatile and stylish mirror strips/ wall mirror online!

Today's modern interiors and spaces require fun elements of decor and design at it's best. Mirrors or mirror wall panels are one such product that are more of a mirror wall art and of good value for your investment. Large decorative mirrors for living room, India, and mirrors for bedroom are the ones most trending. Mirror online shopping for wall mirrors online is the process that one should definitely go for to assist you go through innumerable available wall mirrors online and let's one choose the best out of the multiple options available just a click away. Mirror online shopping allows you to compare, assess the quality of wall mirrors online and authenticity of craftsmen or manufacturers very easily with best transparency of the processes involved in the making of designer mirrors for walls/ mirrors for bedrooms.