4 simple Balcony design ideas that will brighten up your little space Dusky Lory

4 simple Balcony design ideas that will brighten up your little space

If you are lucky enough to have a balcony that retreats you from the chaotic world and lets you stroll through your deep thoughts and ideas, then there is no reason why you wouldn't want to treat it right.  These trending balcony designs will give a beautiful and eye grabbing makeover to your outdoor space.
Afterall, who doesn’t want to spend more evenings and nights on balconies.

Simple Balcony Design Ideas | DuskyLory

Cultivate your home garden

Living in a teeny tiny apartment in a metropolitan city that has no lawn or a recreational spot?
Rely on your balcony and a few plants for some relaxation
Having plants in your balcony will  unlock benefits in manifolds; Besides effortlessly adorning the place, these plants will help you breathe better and connect you to the  natural world
There are various ways of employing his balcony design.
Also, all of them are quite doable and unique in their own way


Balcony garden on a step ladder

Balcony ideas | Ladder plants | DuskyLory

Sometimes, simple objects can spark great creativity
Similarly, step ladders can do much more than help you climb up tall spots if you use them judiciously . Place flower pots on the ladder or around it and adjust the ladder opposite to the balcony railing to ensure a sufficient supply of sunlight.
To punctuate your mini lawn well, you can also lighten the area by placing fairly lights on the ladder. ($$)

Lay down an artificial grass carpet

Balcony ideas | Artificial Carpet | DuskyLory

When it comes to balcony gardening, the idea of covering the floor with an artificial grass carpet
shines right at the top.
Not only will this carpet very closely replicate an actual garden but will also cover your balcony tiles that might have failed the test of time and become outdated.
Place some chairs and pots on the floor and there you have it- a calm getaway in your home itself ($$)

A neat wall of plants

Balcony ideas | Wall plants | DuskyLory

Want to have a garden without giving away a lot of space?
The walls will be your Aladdin.
This is one of the most noticeable balcony decor ideas that will make a splash in no time.
Wooden shelves or wooden pallets filled up with flower pots or plants can be neatly  fixed on the balcony wall to give rise to a very cozy garden.
The idea also gets brownie points for sparing  the floor space for a hanging swing chair, hammocks, bean bag or other furniture.($$)

Make use of the Balcony railing

Balcony ideas | Plants on railing | DuskyLory

Your balcony railing is more than a framework for your safety;It can be a very supportive canvas for your creativity when it comes to gardening.
As soon as you enter the balcony, the first thing that meets your eye is the railing which is why it should be in line for a good transformation.
It will not only make your balcony look good from inside but a passer by would be in all praises for your effort too.
Colourful railing planters available on many home decor sites can be fixed on your railing to make a very
comfortable and easy to maintain garden ($$)

Bring in some balcony furniture

Balcony ideas | Furniture | DuskyLory

(Furniture setting for a small balcony)
On some days or weekends you would want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a little longer  and there is no better way of doing that than having some cute balcony furniture
Terrace swings, hammocks, patio sets, balcony chairs,etc can create a very homely vibe while simultaneously making your balcony look extremely beautiful.
Candles or fairy lights would be a great add on.
There could be no better spot to sip your evening coffee, watch a great movie or survive mundane work from home routines. ($$$)

Curtain it up

Balcony Ideas | Curtains | DuskyLory

Even if your balcony much like many other balconies is used to dry up clothes, you can still give a thumbs up to this idea for special evenings.
Curtaining up your balcony will give you more privacy and make an evening more close knitted.
Add a cherry on the cake with some fairy lights and you cannot ask for a better spot to have deep conversations and grab a pizza. ($$)

Let the colors cast their spell

Balcony Ideas | Color Spell | DuskyLory

A place automatically looks ten times more attractive when it's painted with vibrant colours.
If you have a small balcony, you can skip heavy furniture and instead make the best use of colours through multicoloured plants, painted walls, bright bed sheets, pillow covers, accessories like dream catchers, wall portraits , colourful curtains, etc
Have a great and ready made  rainbow in your home everyday. ($$$)

- Tripti Moolchandani