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  • Generous spacing for materials on display: Shopping for home decor items is an altogether exciting and also exhausting experience and for the right reasons - as fun as it is to pick out things and fill our carts, it comes down to the price, looks, functionality, ease of use, storage and a few other criteria to match. It only gets tougher with choosing a frame shelf or a rack. Dusky lory brings to your doorstep, just that. The ladder shelves we make, put away your distress.
  • 3 tier ladder shelf: It is not very common to come across a wooden ladder shelf which in addition to being spacious, also has three tiers. Ladder shelves such as this can be used for many, many purposes with some of them being - placing books, paints and brushes along with art books, or simply to store houseplants as most do. An ideal place for this wood ladder shelf would be near a power outlet.
  • Availability of colours: It is not very often that one finds something that they have been looking for. There are compromises to be made with respect to the colour, pattern, size, etc. Dusky lory brings you options with higher chances of satisfying your need - a chestnut brown and a white ladder shelf. It goes without saying that this decorative ladder shelf is one of a kind and has multitude merits. 
  • Foldable wooden ladder shelf:  Although compact, a 3 tier decorative ladder shelf is not something one might want around the house at all times. We have got that covered. The shelf is easily foldable and can be stored away anywhere it fits - damp places are to be avoided. After folding the living room ladder shelf, it is still good to use as a display once the racks are removed. This is a frame shelf with a tough structure and is also durable.
  • Height: 34 inches
  • Width: 23 inches

What is the need for ladder shelves to have detachable pieces? 

Ladder and shelves have for long been in use and will continue to do so. With the necessity for such products to be manufactured consistently, there is also a growing demand for them to be available in various sizes, colours, patterns and designs, etc. and so we have introduced a line of ladder shelves which serve as a frame shelf and also a decorative ladder shelf. They are available to consumers in the following colours - as a chestnut brown or white ladder shelf. They serve two purposes and for each, there needs to be a different structure and that is made easy to use. To be used as leaning shelves - in the form of a ladder but with sturdy, thick panels - there are three tiers of these placed in an ascending order in terms of size from top to bottom. They can be used as a display shelf with figurines, books, mugs, coasters, pen stands, and anything that you might want to decorate it with. As a ladder, it is advisable to remove the panels and use it with just the frame as the panels are not screwed on and are simply made to fit over the frame. The wooden ladder shelf is about 3 feet in height. The purpose of the detachable pieces is so that the rustic ladder shelf can carry out not just one but two functions. An ideal scenario would be to use the wood ladder shelf as a decorative shelf and when needed, to detach the panels and use it to climb. There are three pieces which need to be kept safe and that is all! Absolutely no need for running around and looking for what’s missing.When not in use, the entire structure along with the panels can be folded and kept on the side of the wall.

Will a white ladder shelf require more maintenance?

If we counted the number of sighs and disappointed expressions when one found out that a product is available only in white, it would be a surprisingly massive number. All because it is difficult to maintain the perfect white state which we are used to seeing in stores - makes us wonder how they keep up with the dust! The predictable answer, as is the truth, is that, yes indeed it is not an easy task to maintain a spotless look throughout, but the process of cleaning is a piece of cake. All one has to do is take a dry piece of wiping cloth, cotton cloth, napkin or even a tissue paper to wipe away the collecting dust. In case of humidity, it is best to wipe away with a damp towel, followed by a dry one and if possible, shift it to a room with more sunlight so it does not become a home to mold. This is to be followed in case of any wooden item in the house, irrespective of the colour whether in lighter shades or darker. To answer the question, not really. It does not require more maintenance but rather a slightly different approach in cleaning. Wet or damp materials will trap and collect dust and soot in the inner corners which are very much visible in the case of a white ladder shelf. However, in the chestnut brown ones, it does not matter since the colour is quite dark.

How does a decorative ladder shelf compete with an average ladder in terms of use?

As we know, it is not common for home decorative materials to serve two or more functions and have options as well. It can be quite difficult to trust any store promising to fulfil these. But with the recent trends and attention to detail, fewer compromises are to be made by consumers and there is a lot of scope for more diverse options with constructive feedback from the masses. Dusky lory attempts to do the same with every product. An average ladder is used for the sole purpose of reaching higher ground to get things down from the loft, to tie party materials like ribbons and pictures and tape balloons, to fix light bulbs and similar electricals, etc. The one disadvantage is that it is not pleasant to be lying around in the living spaces. Storing it can be quite difficult if there is no ‘ideal spot’ to place it in. A decorative ladder shelf serves two functions and above all does not require to be removed from a setting. It is appealing to look at and is the very reason that it is proudly presented and placed in the living room or the hall as one might say. It can be used to place various things on display as mentioned above. The disadvantage of the decorative ladder shelf is that it is about 3 feet in height and no more. It is very much possible to not be of use as a ladder at all if the lofts are up too high. There, it slightly loses its importance as a ladder and leans towards being a striking table or a support of sorts. Noting all the pros and cons of each, we can conclude that they both serve similar yet different functions and that the grounds for selecting the better of the two are mismatched. It can be assumed that having both solves a bunch of problems and there will not be any questions that pop up about whether choosing that particular item was a wrong choice, When it comes to home decor, nothing ever is. It is simply, the functionality and versatility of the product.

Is a wooden ladder shelf difficult to maintain? (a 3 tier ladder shelf at that!)

It is a taboo that shelves with ornate and intricate details are difficult to clean. With the right materials, they are as good as the ones in stores. The reason why wooden materials raise eyebrows when being considered to be placed in the cart is because of their moisture retaining capacity. Usually, the ones without polish, tend to take in moisture from the environment which then becomes the breeding ground for whitish or greenish mold to form and grow. Not a pretty sight. Thankfully, the one put up for sale by us at Dusky lory has Teak Wood polish which is sure to keep this little issue at bay and not come across for a long while. The beauty of having the detachable pieces in this 3 tier ladder shelf is that they can be cleaned throughout without missing any ‘unreachable’ tiny gap which is usually the case in most wooden items. We all tend to spot a tiny little spacing and there sits the collecting dust from ages. The frame shelf itself can be wiped clean from top to bottom and made to look spick and span in no time, since all surfaces are in reach. Once the pieces and the frame are free of dust and soot, they can be put back together or if needed to be stored, can be put into polythene or plastic bags and closed tightly to not allow dust in.

How does a ladder shelf differ from an ordinary shelf?

An ordinary shelf has a set of closed drawers arranged one above the other and each is of the same size as the one above or below. So, it is a set of rectangular (usually) hollow spaces to store things. A ladder shelf has the materials on display and there is little chance of ‘stuffing’ materials in a ladder shelf since there are no raised sides and also because the contents are very much visible. The drawback of a normal shelf, as is the advantage is that a lot of things can be stuffed into it. The benefit is that the living space looks clean thanks to the dumping area that is the closed drawers. The detriment is that cleaning is rarely done and the purpose of the shelf becomes storing scraps and materials with little to no use - which is why loads of trash is found while cleaning it. A ladder shelf needs to be kept clean and used as what it is, because it does not help hide the junk.