9 simple living room design ideas to brighten up your place

Living room is a place where you welcome your  guests, spend weekend evenings with your family, sometimes work as well because bedrooms tempt you to take a nap, store your favorite books, put up lovely family pictures, etc. which is why you definitely need to make the best of it with these simple and effortless living room design ideas. After all , you just cannot have a bland room to represent your entire house to visitors and guests. Here are the best and easiest living room design ideas you should adopt right now

 1. A unique piece of art as living room wall design

(picture credits- Mahrous house on Unsplash)



It's a good time to break away from the squared shaped conventional sceneries that you have been using in your living room for ages and instead bring up a unique piece of art to combine beauty with distinctiveness. Make a statement with an unconventional piece of art and have a great interior design for living room. Also, a large painting will cover your wall all at once. 

2. Little things for living room wall design


 (picture credits- Taylor Herry on Unsplash)


If you do not like the idea of covering your wall with a single piece of painting  then you can combine variant and different pieces of art to showcase your creativity and make your place look good. Different decor objects like framed quotes, plates, wall hangings, clock , etc. will look good when clubbed together on your wall and  perfectly color up the bland walls. Make sure you put these pieces in perfect alignment with each other so they don’t look untidy. 

 3. Bring in a hanging swing chair in your living room


(photo credits- Ahmed Amir on Unsplash)


On weekends, you spend most of your day lazing around in your living room which is why you might as well want to do it in style. Read your favorite book or sip a cup of coffee or tea while sitting on a hanging swing chair. Also, it will contribute greatly to an aesthetic and playful interior design for living room.

 4. Bring in a shelf to neatly display your collection

(Marcela Rogante on Unsplash)


This is probably one of  the most functional and creative living room ideas. Get your cool collection out and put it on display with the help of a vertical shelf. Be it a collection of books, soft toys, plants, glass bottles, etc. , you can mount it up on a fancy shelf and make it look better than ever. This will also make finding things quite easy. 

Place the shelf at a position from where it is easily visible and impress all your guests with your organizing and decorating skills. 

 5. Cover up the tiles with a fancy carpet for living room

 (Katja Bayer on Unsplash)


A carpet will not only protect your floor or help you from falling on slippery floors but will also make your room look great. You can choose from a wide variety of carpets for the living room including fury, comfortable carpets or luxurious carpets. Enjoy time in your living room while sitting on a comfortable and super soft carpet or impress your guests with a handcrafted luxurious carpet. 

 6. Go green with plants

(picture credits- Collov home design on Unsplash)


Plants are the safest decor items that can go well with any kind of room. Indoor plants will not only sprinkle instant beauty to your living room but will help you breathe better as well. Adorn your living room with fresh and beautiful plants mounted on fancy vases to boost creativity, feel fresh and make your room look good. You can also place the plants on a fancy ladder or on shelves.

7. Bring in a statement light

(M F S on Unsplash)

Light up your living room and have a great living room ceiling design together with a fancy statement light. A statement light will give an extremely artistic and unique touch to your living room ceiling. Make gatherings more beautiful with extra lighting and aesthetics 

 8. Cover it up with a brick wallpaper

(picture credits- designing India on Pinterest)

Does everything in your living room seem very modern and you wish to give an antique touch to your home?  Introduce a vintage and retro vibe to your living room with a brick wallpaper. Wallpapers are also a great way of hiding some cracks or deformities on your walls if you do not wish to drop a good chunk of cash on renovation. You can easily remove them too to make way for a new one.

 9. Bring in some cute little furniture

(picture credits-Minh Pham on Unsplash)

While the primary furniture of your living room including a sofa set cannot be changed every now and then, you can still introduce a breath of fresh air in your living room using a new and unique stool or a table for your living room. 

You can choose from a rustic design or a colorful and bright one. 


- Tripti Moolchandani