House makeover? Duskylory to the rescue | Home Decor Dusky Lory

House makeover? Duskylory to the rescue | Home Decor

A touch of another charismatic hue and the right splash of paint might just work wonders for your house. Elevated ceilings, changed tiles, accentuated built-ins may be in right now; however, what’s important is to not lose sight of the big picture that is to have the right home decor accessories. Well, lucky enough DuskyLory is here to save the day! The right choice of wall hangings, candles, lamps, and even storage boxes is also important, let’s see how.


1. Using the right lights

The wall is shown in the picture, beautiful as it is when accessorized with the right lamp can help get an earnest look. It is important to make your house look comfortable, light, and airy and that’s exactly what the right lights help do. The Duskylory store has a wide range of lamps and candle lamps to play with.

A bright light against a dark wall or a dark-colored light against a bright wall is just the right kind of sophistication your house might need and thus the importance.


2. Funking up your workspace

Cluttered workspace, books all over the place, unorganized procrastination; all caused by a messy table. Of course, stacking up all those files and folders was the best shot we had a reorganization, but we can still funk things up!

dusky lory blog book holder

Instead of stacking em up, you could use something edgy and of course funky to spice things up. In that way, for once the workspace looks more organized and of course less boring.


3. Statement storage boxes

Storage boxes can often look boring and look like too much clutter even though they make our lives so much easier. Hence choose a statement tablecloth and pair it up with matching colored storage boxes. For example these Walmart tablecloths:

Dusky Lory Blog Table Clock

Duskylory has exactly what needed to store away the necessaries and end the woe of a boring table.

4. Wall clocks to the rescue

Simple walls with sober or vibrant colors can be made more stylish with a twist to the humble clock. Experiment with more mosaic or geometric patterns to get the right look.

DuskyLory blog wall clock

Decorations can go beyond clocks to mirrors and other artwork.

5. The cutlery’s foreplay

The cutlery is essentially what makes a house a home and hence having the right cutlery depending on occasion is of utmost importance. Choosing a theme to play with might just help for example wooden pieces gives a rustic look:

Dusky Lory Blog Cutlery Tray

Don’t fret Duskylory offers so much more with eye-catching ranges of wall-clocks, lamps, wall decor mirrors, and so much more home decor accessories. Home decor has taken to another level!

Complete your home with an edgier and more dashing look. Give your home a makeover. Get rid of the most boring and generic home decor items. Explore all possibilities in the realms of comfort and organization. Play with your colors. Choose your themes and vibes and voila you have it a beautiful house turned into a home.