How To Keep Your furniture clean | Home Decor

Know your furniture

This point needs to be the basis of the care for your furniture because every piece is made of different material. Different materials mean different rules. So read the label, ask the seller or your private contractor for the type of materials used and hence the different care that has to be taken.

Here are some common materials used

Leather:  It’s simple, just dust it before cleaning with a leather conditioner and then wipe it clean with a dry cloth. It needs to be conditioned every 6-12 months.

Fabric: vacuum the whole area making it devoid of any dust particles. Check for which material is your furniture made of and start cleaning. A complete guide on it is in the following link.

Wood: Make sure to keep your wood dry at all times. To clean the surface using a damp cloth and if needed use a gentle cleaning agent.

A complete guide for your wood care


    Your furniture isn’t weatherprof

      Never keep it in direct sunlight or in a place where sunlight keeps falling. Also, keep your it safe from rain and its droplets in a storm.


        Sofa care

          Some simple tips for the extra care of this humble piece of furniture.

          Keep vacuuming the sofa and while doing so never forget to spend a minute flipping the cushions over and rotating them. This ensures a longer life for your cushions.



            Cleaning the stain

              Never postpone cleaning off stains; no matter what because once it’s soaked in or settled on the top of your surface then it’s a hassle. Always keep a stain remover handy. After blotting the spill clean it with a stain remover. You could also use a salt paste for wine stains and corn-starch for grease and oil stains after the blotting to clean thoroughly.


                Protecting the surfaces

                  Always cover your furniture when not in use. Otherwise use tablecloths, mats, glass covers, sofa covers to protect the surfaces of your furniture from spillage and children’s crayons.


                  Keeping the importance of having good furniture in mind it’s important to keep in touch with hacks and the like. Furniture and home decor are a concept to be cherished in itself and need better understanding. Hence keep in touch to understand your furniture better. Also, stay tuned for the latest trends in home decor and tips for a better home-look. Keep shopping at Duskylory.