5 kitchen decoration ideas to embellish your kitchen

As the powerhouse of your home, your kitchen truly deserves to feel loved and happy for all the delicious food it has been serving to you over the years.

There are numerous kitchen designs to pick from to refresh your fatigued cooking space   without dropping a significant  chunk of cash  on a renovation.

Be it a  modular kitchen, a semi modular kitchen or a regular kitchen, these simple  kitchen designs will surely pull off a great look  and will make you stay in the kitchen more.

1. Have a customise shelve

Have your kitchen cabinets or kitchen walls  become outdated and monotonous? Well, you can always introduce  a breath of fresh air in your kitchen by creatively using a new shelf.

You can fit various products  on the shelf ranging from plants to aesthetic kitchen items. 

To add a personal touch, you can arrange  a quote frame or a blackboard on the shelf to have a simple kitchen design that is also very meaningful


DuskyLory | Kitchen Shelves

2. Indoor kitchen garden

Want your kitchen to look good and produce healthy food in the same breath?An  Indoor kitchen garden will do the needful.

An Indoor kitchen garden will unlock benefits in manifolds; Not only will it adorn your kitchen but the herbs will also add flavour to your dish and help you breathe pure air when you stay in kitchen for long hours on weekends trying your favourite recipe 


DuskyLory | Kitchen Shelves

3. Work on the kitchen countertop

More often than not, countertops are the most messy spots in your kitchen. It's high time to give them their long due cleaning and grooming. As the heart of the kitchen, counterparts are very noticeable which is why one needs to maintain them to secure a pleasing appearance.

Kitchen accessories like trays, cake stands with candles or flowers stacked up on them, ceramic pots and vases , plants, spatula stands,cutting boards topped up with fruit bowls and  glass water bottles can truly and quite effortlessly restore your kitchen countertop. ($$)

DuskyLory | Kitchen Countertops

4. Make use of the empty space above your kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cupboards and cabinets can often leave a very awkward room between  them and the roof. If your kitchen too has those uncanny gaps,  then cheer up because  you can always cover them up and simultaneously cultivate your kitchen. 

Adding a brick wall above your  kitchen cabinets can give a great vintage look to your modern kitchen or you can also cover the space with books, fairy lights or even a blackboard. ($$)

DuskyLory | Kitchen Cabinets

5. Pay attention to the kitchen sink 

A kitchen sink can be more than a spot to wash utensils and other kitchen items if you use it judiciously. Make sure that your kitchen sink and the area around is  tidy and clean before you begin to accessorize it. 

A marble tray containing a  fancy bottle of hand soap, paper towel and some flowers can be placed near the tap to instantly brighten the whole area like never before.


DuskyLory | Kitchen Sink


- Tripti Moolchandani