8 simple living room wall decor ideas that will add life to your home.

 No place in your house is as functional as your living room.  A  living room entertains guests, friends and gives room to a family for some quality time. It is a place where childhood memories are often cherished and re-lived and beautiful evenings are spent sipping coffee or tea.

As soon as you enter your house, it's probably the first place that you see which is why you should consider decorating it up a little bit. After all, who would want to spend a lot of time in a room that's bland and welcome their guests in it as well. The best way of decorating your living room is probably by adorning the walls. Blank and lifeless walls can kill the vibe of even the best interiors.

 Living room wall decor ideas are generally quite easy to follow and will  brighten up your space in no time. From minimalist wall designs to vibrant Indian wall decor ideas, we have curated a list of things that you can do to your walls. 

Here are 8  living room wall decor ideas that will hold the eyes of your guest and make you a creative host.

1. Display your plate collection on the walls

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This is probably one of the simplest wall decor ideas. Have you got a lot of  plates that you do not use anymore? Well, stick them on the walls using a  double sided tape.  You can arrange the plates in  different patterns and styles.  Make sure you  take care of the alignment and equal spacing between all of them so it does not look uneven. This idea gets brownie points if you have colored plates. For plain plates, you can put your creativity to use and pain them as you please. 

Can Living room wall decor get easier and cheaper  than putting up existing stuff? Surely not.

2. Mirror Mirror on the wall.

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When it comes to wall decor ideas, an aesthetic  mirror is probably one of the many things that can cross your mind. Get the fanciest mirror wall strips at Dusky Lory store that will beautifully dress up your walls for once and for all. It is sure to grab the eyes of all your guests with its uniqueness. Also, who does want to dress up and look at a beautiful mirror? Give your place a treat with this beautiful living room wall decor idea. 

Accessorize your wall today with an elegant mirror wall panel at   https://duskylory.store/products/mirror-wall-strips-metallic

3. A personalized scrabble wall for living room wall decor

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Since a family spends quality time  in a living room, the room should speak for that treasured and precious bond. Even though a lot of adults often move out of their homes in pursuit of education or job, the home should never leave them and must always cherish them. 

While everyone likes to decorate their home with family pictures to add a personal touch , here is a way to claim the full ownership of your home using a very creative and unique idea .Having a  wooden scrabble tile art containing the names of all your homies is a great wall decor idea to add some  personalization in your home. These alphabet tiles can be set according to the names to complete a family tree. Needless to say, it will also attract good attention from your guests. The wooden tiles can be found online on multiple  stores.

4. Use an old hanger for living room wall decor

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Do you have a lot of cloth hangers that you do not use? Take them out of your cupboard and use them to deck up your wall. Hang polaroids on the hanger using some strings and attach  this cute layout to a hook on your wall such that it is clearly visible to everyone. You can change the pictures whenever you feel like, which is not really possible when you choose huge picture frames. 

If you are an art and craft buff who loves to be creative then this wall decor idea deserves to be on your bucket list. 

5. A vintage map for living room wall decor


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As your sole and permanent  habitat, your home should reflect your interests and fascinations. If you are a travel buff who has a long bucket list then putting up a vintage map in your living room would be a great wall decor idea. A vintage map will also add a retro vibe to your room and counterbalance the extremely modern designs commonly found  in today’s homes. 

Have the entire world outlined in your home through this unique and personalized idea and deck up your home. 

6. Get your favorite quotes framed

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Who does not like reading positive quotes? In fact, some quotes really help in keeping oneself motivated and positive. Since, you spend a lot of your time in the living room during your holidays and e, it’s important to develop and cultivate a positive aura in that room. And what better way of doing it than framing your favorite quotes on the wall. You can turn up to your living room whenever you feel low to have a look at your wall. 

Again, getting quotes framed for the living room is a great wall decor idea to add a touch personalization to your place. 

7. Dress up your wall with  metal tree wall art

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Looking for something very subtle and classy for your walls?  The metal tree wall art at Dusky Lory store  could be a great option for you. It has an antique finish that will give an extremely rich vibe to your home. It also has a concealed keyhole at the back through which you can easily hang it on the wall. Well, you cannot probably grow trees in your house interior , but you can at least have some art representing trees in your house.

Enrich your wall today with a posh tree art at - https://duskylory.store/products/metal-tree-for-wall-art?_pos=1&_sid=0bebb4d24&_ss=r

8. Go ethnic with some Indian wall decor ideas

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If you wish to give an Indian touch to your living room, then this wall decor idea could be your best friend. A peacock feather often reminds us of Lord Krishna and the beautiful biodiversity of our country. If you want your home to reflect something nationalist then you can get a bunch of peacock feathers framed and hang the frame on your wall. Its a beautiful and unique idea that will make a splash in no time. 


- Tripti Moolchandani