How to make your Living room more attractive?


The battle of the best color with the best texture has been going on since eternity. You've been wondering this sounds much like your daily concern as well, doesn't it? How to make your Living room more attractive and lively? Well let's pick up the pieces one by one to make this bigger picture a bit more clearer. 

The most basic step to refresh your Living room is to add a dash of shades of greens. Get inspired from nature, lift up the pots, add your succulents, snake plants, orchids or aloe vera beside the furniture or place them near the windows to give a modern day living room look. It goes further with the touch of minimalism. Some ideas for decorating a living room wall on a budget suggest smart wall shelves, organic form of your wall decor items, contemporary and urban style accessories, bold yet simple frames, primary color blocking, elegant wall murals, intricate or simple paintings on your living room wall, jolly nature prints, vibrant organic forms or even just a solid pastel with rustic earthy texture on the living room walls would level it up to a simple yet elegant living room. 

Cozy And Inexpensive Options

Contemporary look for your living room calls for some cozy living ideas on a budget

Achieve this by mixing matching the warm amber tones with lively meadow prints, mini canvas paintings, calm floral prints, minimal embroidery, deep/ light toned wooden table tops and furniture, go on experimenting with sleek and airy structures in furniture, add more of tinted or pure glass decorative accessories across the room. One can go local to support the local community for sustainable and inexpensive seating and decor items. Chic and modern look is not a really hard deal to crack unless you know the tricks, bring modernism to your living room in terms of modern colors for your living room, modern lighting, new and trendy windows styles, glazed or matte ceramic display pieces, cozy and rich textured upholstery fabric for for the bulky seating furniture of the living area, play with the placement, design and proportions of floor lightings and statement pieces of your living room to give a fancy twist to your house living room. 


Shifting the focus strictly to color schemes, materials and furniture style, the colors go all the way from bold vibrant to statement neutrals. 


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  • Lilac and purple
  • Buttercream
  • Burgundy and Rose red
  • Chrome Yellows and mustards
  • Atlantic Blues
  • Olive green
  • Blue- greens and Corals
  • Peacock Blues
  • Potent purple
  • Pastel yellow
  • Tonal Greys
  • Light Ashes
  • Island whites and off whites

Next in our list, the materials consist of natural options like,


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  • Cane
  • Cork 
  • Wickerwork
  • Wood 

Then comes in the 

  • Classic bronze or cognac leather
  • Vegan leathers are really hiking up in the market for sustainable interiors
  • Copper
  • Bronze 
  • Brass 
  • Steel 
  • Iron
  • Black steel
  • Polished white alloys
  • Gold and silver plated collectibles and table tops. 

These materials and decor items out of these materials rock the interiors of your living room in no time. 

Now you must be wondering how to update your living room in other ways?

Well this can be achieved by rendering your living rooms with textures like that of 

  • Macrame,
  • Famous handloom fabrics,
  • Terracotta
  • Stoneware items 
  • Concrete
  • Granite 
  • Recycled cloth utility products 
  • Knits 
  • Velvet
  • Translucent/frosted/ textured glass and 
  • Indigenous craft products. 

The furniture styles, even if that’s not the trendiest on the list, remember, trends do come back in. One should care about investing in living room furniture that holds any of these characteristics, like,

  • Modernist in design
  • Antiquity orientation
  • Unusual material combinations 
  • Nature inspired form 
  • Feel good to touch upholstery
  • Handcrafted 
  • Modular
  • Versatile for various settings
  • Light weightedness 
  • Newer silhouettes
  • Self arrangeable feature 

A good piece of living room furniture with any one or more out of these will surely never let your interiors go dull. 


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Talking about modern living on a budget, how can we forget about the DIYs. How upcycling reusing and using readily available materials can reward you with cool living room decor accessories.

  • Handmade pottery- the best thing about this is that it turns out unique with every attempt, people these days get involved a lot in this activity to make chic living room decor accessories.

  • Punch needle Diy- This gradually gaining fame DIY, uses yarns which are looped throughout a fabric to give products that modernize your house interior in a novel manner, bringing your art style to life.

  • Yarn weaving- much beautiful and bright touch up your fancy drawing room can be given by this trend, just choose your favorite textures and fibers and carry out weaving some statement designs to add up to your drawing room articles, what’s a better and a cheaper way to redo your living room walls than this?

  • Tufting- One of the major fads that’s intriguing every craft head to go for a living room transformation using these cute and simple wall decor articles that one can easily make using tufting guns and soft fabrics.

  • Flower art- Who doesn’t desire freshness and color pop in a combo that’ll decorate your family room in the most beautiful way. This diy has allowed people to be obsessed with florals, whether it's a classic living room wreath, revamping your drawing room wall with twigs and floral wall art (knife paintings/ FRP wall murals/ papier mache/ 3d wall stickers/ polymer resin relief flowers or cement wall embossing) or simply embedding flowers into epoxy resin which gives out aesthetic small room decor pieces to adorn your old sitting room.

  • Furniture Upcycling- Yet again one of the most favourite DIYs till today never goes off trend. This helped the innovative mind to test their skills and decorate their boring sitting rooms into a room to go for artworks. This not only utilizes old furniture but refurbishes articles for modernising house interior, which even creates online market careers for some.

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  • Glass Painting- putting out of the box art pieces, these are not just tinted but detailed paintings using the method of reverse paintings that creates an urge amongst everyone to own one for their elegant living spaces.




Keeping up with the modern and technologically equipped era we have innumerable options to uplift our interiors that benefit us as well as the environment. People have become aware and have developed a drift towards the greener and more sustainable options for their living spaces. Some very smart options to revamp your living room are as follows:-

  • Repurposed decor- New living room designs have an eye for repurposing and reusing furniture and accessories for longevity. One should always try and opt for high quality products, whether vintage or recycled or genuinely supreme in quality material to offer easy living room/ interior sustainability.

  • Natural element- With recent observations in the environment and sudden needs to re-establish the connection with nature, the gentry have turned up to pick gardening as their hobby and going natural in terms of materials like wood, cane, rattan, wool, even for their fancy drawing room which in turn means greener and healthier interiors.

  • Energy efficiency- Concern for the environment is synonymous to efficient energy consumption, thus modern living room transformations demand accessories, appliances, light fixtures to be energy efficient to smartly consume and save energy, this even suggests solar panel incorporation while you are updating your living room.

  • Modular spaces- Decluttering spots to replace it with modular seating/ storing for small living rooms has become the most relevant option throughout 2020 & 2021 as it helps incorporate modern day living with hybrid experience for small/narrow living rooms. This is simply doing more with utilizing less.

  • Smart tech- With big technological trends inspiring the 21st century, future technologies like 5G and numerous smart home technologies and gadgets like Google nest, smart doors and windows and alexa keep with the modernized house interior vibes.

  • Minimalism- reducing & repurposing in terms of furniture, accessories, minimizing the colors for your classic living room and selecting multi functional, modular furniture and accessories that are voluptuous and simple at the same time. 

Just as there is no limit to material exploration and prediction of trends coming in and going out, there’s no end to one’s creativity that can turn any normal house living room into one that holds your unique signature style. Head out to your hits and trials and pick the one that suits your living room space and style preference. Jolly Experimenting!


- Astitvika Swarnkar