Top Anniversary Decoration Ideas at home 2021

The best part of the year is around, the magical date is approaching with loads and loads of memories and spry moments packed within it. 

It's “the anniversary day”! Here is when you get stuck with these 3 mysteriously magical words- Anniversary decoration ideas..! Smiling, aren’t you? Because it’s the reality! There’s not this scene where you shut your eyes for one moment and get everything falling on its place in the other rather this is completely a situation that makes one running on the toes to stick, paste and attach each element to its position before time.

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So, for the ones messing things around to find the right stuff for this anniversary decoration, be it your or your parents, friends or any close relation that values so much to you, we’ve got this bucket full of anniversary decoration ideas for you for this very spectacular anniversary decoration at home that gets ready quite easily fitting in even common budget bank scenarios!

Let’s start hopping onto these, one by one!

Top ideas for anniversary decorations 2021!!


All Balloon talk anniversary decoration ideas

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    • A simple wall with a chubby balloon garland of 4-5 trails of balloons! Sounds attractive and interesting! 
    • Balloons can be stuck on the wall in the form of any shape or alphabets that make the main area in the anniversary decoration!
    • Foil balloon alphabets and numbers are so in trend! They are the show stoppers in present day celebrations, especially for birthday and anniversary decorations!
    • Another striking anniversary decoration idea at home with balloons could be using a huge, oversized balloon filled with confetti, flowers, sweets and paper frills! Pricking it at the onset of celebration would definitely leave the couple startled and happy at the same time!

Balloons are not just for young adults and kids but for the old ones too, a simple synonym of happiness and celebration, colorful, transparent and crazy shaped balloon anniversary decoration, overall, holds the power to broaden up anyone’s smile on their special day.


Sustainable decor anniversary decoration ideas

Apart from your favorite green nook at your home which incorporates huge green plants you can consider several other simple options, such as,

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  • Spicing up the walls with super cool paper crafts, stickers, posters and wall art on canvas or any cloth!
  • Adding a knotty touch to walls using your skills of knitting and weaving! Pick our fabric waste or yarns and get your fingers to work for this anniversary decoration at your home.
  • Not just walls, even the main platform or snack table can hold up your pleasant efforts on paper or fabric! Your table can be a canvas to the artist in you as you can simply paint over an old table to give it the look it needs, accompany it with some table paper lamps, crafty elements, greeting cards out of cardboard boxes/ corrugated paper and fragrant candles !



Streamers go nowhere for anniversary decoration at home

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Want to make the place appear more lively? Streamers are the answer!

Basic paper strips streamers to wooden/ acrylic/ clay element streamers, the gamut in this area is inexplicable. One can create their own customized by just making the elements of the streamers with some good material like paper, clay or wood in bulk and keep attaching those to a tough, not easily breakable, yarn and voila, you are good to go with this for anniversary decor at home!

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A Tissue to anniversary decoration

In the era of impeccable DIYs one can choose to depend just over this option to finish up the anniversary decoration, smartly. Tissue paper is such a choice using which one can create medium sized, fluffy balls that could be used up for wall decor, ceiling decor or attached with a stick to fill up the empty elegant vases in your room! 

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Elements which you can make using tissues are :-

  • Rough edged fluffy flowers
  • Frilled garland
  • Smooth edged flowers
  • Tassel streamers
  • Tissue paper fans
  • Wreaths and garlands



Tassels are quirky

Definitely sweet and an alternative to cumbersome anniversary decor ideas is the one of tassels. A smooth fabric/ fabric scraps of any fabric can give your spot a cute & chic outlook!

One may try any kind of fabric, handmade paper, crepe paper, in some cases, even old magazine paper would do the task under this anniversary decoration idea!

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Crazy indoor thematic decor

When it comes to thinking of themes for anniversary decoration ideas, it can be wildest to the most obvious. Another aspect is the anniversary decoration spot based on which the decorations differ in terms of materials used for props and anniversary set decorations.

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Throwing up some random examples like, say:-

  • Bollywood theme setting for your garden, now this can have anything from face masks to huge picture albums.
  • An underwater theme, indoors, this may require you to prepare a set including fabric backdrops, underwater flora fauna streamers and unusual beverages and snacking with paper decorations even for tumblers and platters!

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Adding up a statement anniversary decoration prop(s)..!

Entering a bash and your eyes catch hold of it immediately is defined as a statement object/ prop! For this time you can involve such an object for your anniversary decorations at home.

Your list can have a mix of crazy, fancy ideas for you statement object which could be,

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  • A champagne glass tower anniversary decoration idea
  • 3- layer anniversary cake 
  • Instagram ready photo booth
  • Enormous foil balloon initials of the couple
  • Attributes of affection in a pattern/ formation or big size- a heart or a bear
  • A small chocolate fountain/ chocolate granting mini tree
  • A performing art stage
  • In house instrumental performance
  • Attractive wall hanging/floor standing art piece using initials of the couple


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Delicacies in focus!

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This anniversary decoration idea needs merely your cooking and table layout skills to rock this year’s anniversary decoration. The flair with which one lays out and sets the dinner/ brunch table with aesthetic placement and layout of beautiful tableware, best crockery for dinner/ brunch party speaks a lot about the gusto in everyone’s heart for the day! The delicacies, sweet, salty and spicy, do their part and plating mannerisms and style does the extra speaking required to wrap the guests in delight!

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Makeover is another means

If you’ve got some extra time to spare or have started about a week before the precise date you can head up to the drawing room or that area of room/ unoccupied room to give it a look & makeover that could suit the day. One can rent fancy, flashy or adorned furniture from various online sites, add up interior decor items, designer lighting, under a color coding, monochrome idea or theme! This leaves you with very modern anniversary decoration for your bedroom or living room.

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The basic & classic floral

Nothing can replace an all over, inside-out flower decoration for your interiors this year for anniversary decoration at home!

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Your flower anniversary decoration idea options can be:-

  • Rose 
  • Orchids
  • Hydrangea
  • Carnations
  • Daisies
  • Calendulas 
  • any other of your choice!



Lights, music, camera & action

Sometimes, words are better and pleasant then any kind of action! Along with a harmony? It’s a best combination. People, couples specifically in this case, for a while need their we-time with warmth and good food. The best anniversary decoration in such scenarios can be a decluttered interior with good fragrance and soothing lighting and soft music in the background to re-energize and rejuvenate their sense of being and love! Sounds cozy and relieving, right?

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Be thoughtful, enthusiastic, creative and full of ideas this year for anniversary decorations at your home!

Jolly Experimenting!


- Astitvika Swarnkar