Kitchen Design Trends In 2021

Modernists striving for subtlety and class for their interiors, keep the same eye for their kitchen designs too. Next to one of the most important spots of one’s living space is the ‘Kitchen’, which every other individual wishes to upgrade, organize, modernize & decorate.

Nowadays, in the era of immense variety and gamut in terms of anything and everything, one can relax on the swing of surfing and pick up the kitchen design ideas that fit well in everybody's budget slot!

Let's plunge into the variety in certain budget scenarios!

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Going low-key!  

Some of the low-key but greatly impactful kitchen design ideas for simple kitchen design budget include:-

  1.  Go for the greener twist, plant happy interior plants and keep inside the kitchen, on the window pane, on a side table or on the refrigerator to make the space even happier.
  2. Addition of the task lighting, over the sink or over the main work slab, smartly brightens up the space.  
  3. Dash a rug on the floor, which not only will make the space more welcoming but even more royal with warmth and richness of colors.                      Image from google                                                                                         
  4. Get an instagram ready favorite kitchen wall. Go for classic, geometric, vintage brick styles or organic prints, even a monochrome or gradient is fit to do the job.
  5. Repurpose your furniture, get the old stools, cabinets, dressers out of the storage room and drag them to the kitchen. A little makeover can make your ceramics and glassware, serveware stand out.
  6. Decorate the walls with DIYs kitchen design ideas like papier mache wall decor accessories, hand painted mache plates or just quirky ice-cream stick frames and designs.
  7. Enclose all the bulky and worn out and dull looking objects and appliances, declutter  the space to make it more breathable.
  8. Time to show-off your paintings, sketches, knitted, embroidered or tufted pieces, got no exhibition hall? Well, the kitchen is gonna be one. Hang it over, place it neatly and get the personal touch in return!
  9. Pull out that little shelf, wicker baskets from where it doesn’t serve anymore to the kitchens! When you’ve got space between cabinets, turn it into your reading corner or a snack storage narrow space within the kitchen.
  10. If there’s some sufficient extra space, add backless stools, a mini study table with a reading lamp to make it more friendly of a kitchen design layout.
  11. Paint it up, a cabinet, just the window panes or maybe just your refrigerator face to bring out a bright contrast making a focal point! If painting isn’t your thing, go for the stickers.

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Onto the next level!

Thinking of a step ahead of merely low-key ideas? This slight extension to your kitchen design budget rewards us with coming in of several more kitchen design ideas, like the following:-

  1. Go modular for your cupboards, cabinets and shelves, under this kitchen design budget.
  2. Choose either metallic sheen or glossy finish to the interiors.                                                                                      Image from Google
  3. Bump into the antiques that are shoved inside, flaunt them in your studio Kitchen or basic kitchen interior.
  4. Be confident to invest in some amazing statement ceiling light.
  5. Go all chic and retro with creamy, soothing color schemes and ship inspired art pieces or gold metal hardware, respectively. Yes, your kitchen design could be this versatile!                                                                                                       Image from Google
  6. Can imagine and set wooden wall decor and lightwood side furniture in your kitchen design layout.
  7. Clear glass doors and windows have their own way to sing about class and modernity.
  8. Wonder what a pastel pendant light or metal wall glasses/dish holders add up to the bright interiors of your kitchen? Yes, flamboyance, you know!
  9. Play with the trending tints and tones of olive greens, atlantic blues, buttercream, lavender, corals, lemon yellow, marigolds, mint and ceruleans for the kitchen.
  10. Be experimental with the kitchen floor design ideas, choose from the wide ranges of glossy to the matt, dark, deep to the sheen whites, mosaics to florals to the geometric patterns and floor lightings.
  11. Place an appliance storage spot, a cupboard, that stores the appliances, accommodate the smalls and mediums, to keep the space clean and attractive. Go for the antique and retro silhouettes for this special storage cupboard.
  12. Ditch the plastics, go for earthenware or metallic containers rather.


Thinking in High-end!

Better, fuller & smarter the kitchen design, the smarter, more comfortable and satisfied you.

Investing in kitchen design ideas has never and will never go out of style and desire. With people continuously focusing upon the upgradation of the interiors throughout, pay special attention to the ambience of this magic spot, the kitchen, where happiness is cooked and served with love. To do this, practically, one has to have a high kitchen design budget reservoir, just for pouring over the fancy and classic essentials and add-ons.

Some of the kitchen design ideas that serves the same high-end desires for the kitchen design and celebrity styling, include:-

  1. Kitchen Design ideas from the house of designers Carey Maloney and Hermes Mallea, hanging your cookware and drinkware, where a copper or brass rod is secured with the ceiling or wall to allow hanging mugs, pans, pots, woks etc. This gives a super chic and royal appeal.
  2. Incorporating a breakfast bar with chairs or stools and adorning it with energetic table frames, flowers and accessories creatively equals up to a separate full- fledged breakfast corner, from your kitchen design budget.
  3. Who likes the cooking area to be dull? Don’t ever make it one, which is why vibrant table runners are so in the market and fit well even in log and narrow galley kitchens. These colorful runners look best with marble work stations.
  4. Integrating a pull-out pantry is a modern and excellent organizing option to go for.
  5. What do you look at when you’re lost in thoughts? Up there at the ceiling! If you admire the renaissance style why to let it be in you, splash it up to ceilings. If paintings are too wild as an idea, some glossy finish, POP/ 3D resin kitchen design and monochrome paint is something your ceiling would never say NO to.                                                                                                                                   Image from Google                                                                                          
  6. Admirer of a vintage, raw downtown aesthetic? don’t forget to add a wine storage cabinet/shelf to match the vibe and appeal.
  7. Don’t let the neutral overpower the feel, a statement ceiling or pendant light or cooktops in the bright color tone body should be there to maintain the contrast.
  8. Opt for trendy beveled wall tiles in cool and earthy colors.
  9. Spice up the area with latest smart technology appliances and gadgets that accompany you in your endeavours as an amateur cook who’s passionate about  kneading, rolling, baking, steaming and storing.
  10. This kitchen design budget lets you add your personal touch with huge or medium organic art, graphic art prints, loud or soothing posters or cityscape frames, according to your taste, to your speciality kitchen wall.
  11. With a healthy Kitchen design budget, think of having a safe fusion of aesthetics! Think about the most modern and modular chests and cabinets but your kitchen ceiling is royal enough with a sleek chandelier singing of royalty!                                             Image from Google                                                                                       
  12. Ditch the plastics, go to earthenware, brassware, silverware, copperware, wood, or a smart combination of two-three of these, such as earthenware with brassware, instead for containers and kitchen design decor accessories! Wood is best for cabinets!
  13. Never be detached from the roots. Create a little kitchen garden for fresh herbs. Include detoxifying greens in multiple sizes, lovely flowers and deep green wreaths for the walls. How refreshing is just the imagery, isn’t it?                                                                                            Image from Google                                                                                        
  14. Update the doors. Simple Glass doors and Foldable ones, both do well for a clean look.
  15. Rework/ rethink upon the kitchen design and layout, balance out the textures, objects and cabinets to make it look functional as well as pretty at the same time.
  16. Work on changing the definition of kitchen design according to your fresh recipe ( kitchen design ideas) of arranging, laying out and organizing your kitchen stuff! You can shelf it up, make it minimal, throw a color palette, block the colors or keep it mono chrome, keep the cooktop with a microwave or keep them’s endless creativity!


The list of kitchen design ideas is starting from anything and ending to everything! As long as it’s safe and non-interfering with your daily cooking activities and your budget bar but rather is adding up to your jolly mood and boosting up the interiors with positivity, it must deserve to be a part of your kitchen design!


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- Astitvika Swarnkar