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  • AN ARTISTIC ALTERNATE: How uncommon can a mirror wall decor be? How can something as simple and equally functional as a mirror be turned into a trimmed version of the original, plus offering the same amount or more benefits? Putting together a checklist, we can check off the following: a fine frame, durable material, extraordinary designs to add spice to modest home decor. Yes, again, all it takes is a mirror decoration on the wall.
  • A STATEMENT OF VERSATILITY: It can be as hard to pick a mirror as picking curtains. A decorative mirror at that. Why? Because curtains and mirrors are the chattels which make or break the aesthetics of a living space. It comes down to their versatility and how they blend into the space. Dusky Lory combined all of these demands and came out with an elegant wall mirror decor - one that goes well with modern, contemporary and even traditional home furnishings.
  • EXCLUSIVE FRAMES: ‘A decent frame is all I ask for!’ is a constant, nagging thought that runs while shopping for decorative mirrors. They all look phenomenal at first, but you take a longer glance, and it hits you that it might be too flashy, too plain, a little dull or a tad bit too much, or the colour is way off. Is there a solution? Narrowing down to a certain pattern, colour and size, Dusky Lory presents this pleasing home decor mirror. The frame has been designed well and it should come as no surprise that the colour does not chip off. That’s right. We have really thought through our mirror decor.
  • NO MORE ODD-LOOKING EMPTY SPACES: The right fix for the little space on a wall which is not enough for a shelf but is too big for a photo frame, also vertical. We are looking at a piece of a mirror wall decor which does its job too well. These are great as decorative mirrors for the living room or a decorative wall mirror for any inviting spaces.


It should come as no surprise that the design and framework of a mirror or wall decor overshadows the usefulness of the tool sometimes. At the worst of times, we are reminded of the choice we made - looks over use. Usually it costs way more than a wall mirror that does its job, and that is more painful to come to terms with. How can one possibly get the best of both worlds in a mirror wall decor? Dusky Lory is your stop shop for a tangible blend of both design and function. Plain beveled mirrors are in demand to be placed on one entire wall, as are designer less-functional mirrors which satisfy the visual aesthetics but not so much of the functional aspects. This is one of the decorative mirror pieces that don’t require much space, instead it matters where this set is placed. On a wall that is already filled with pictures, posters, notes, etc. it might not be appealing. However, a little space in the living room or a plain wall, it does wonders. For social media posts, these wall mirror strips used for mirror selfies are unparalleled and there is truly no match for their elegance. Since these are made to hang on walls, they can be moved easily. Decorative wall mirrors are an easy find in most home furnishing stores  but spotting one that fits the personal standards one has can be difficult to meet. Just as one thinks that they are as close to finding ‘the right fit’ for their living room and start mentally placing the wall mirror decor in the living room, they often snap out of it and move on to the next one, clearly indicating that it wasn’t as suitable as once thought. Locating a place with many options for similar such exquisite stuff can be a task and we completely understand that, which is why you will find a range of products that are unlike any other and less commonly available, right here in Dusky Lory. So, straighten up your back and get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions in trying to choose between not a few but too many good options for a mirror decoration on wall - the only kind of decor problems one should have. 


People spend a good amount of time looking at their own selves and the man-made material that is used is a mirror. Simply put, that is its function. Nothing complicated about the usage, but it need not be so upfront and obvious, right? Or so people thought and came up with patterns and designs that greatly alter the plain manufactured mirrors and give a makeover to produce elaborate home accessories. The purpose of accessories is not only to occupy space but also to enhance the beauty of the surroundings, and in doing so, sometimes their initial purpose is lost in translation, leaving behind a vestigial block of what was once a mirror. Keeping the purpose intact at its core, Dusky Lory has designed these decorative wall mirrors to be as useful as they are visually pleasing. The material is solid iron with a gold distressed finish. The dimensions of the panel are 53 x 8 inch and each strip weighs 2.93 kg which amounts to 5.86 kg for two strips in each order. Their placement and where they are hung is a matter of personal taste. The panels are not small enough that one has to struggle to see what has gotten into their eye, or to apply makeup and actually be appropriately visible without many gaps in mirror selfies. Evidently, it was not too much to ask for, at least from us. The finishing is smooth and shiny, just as one would expect from a pretty display piece, kept high atop the shelf, except this impressive sight-for-sore-eyes looks almost embedded into the wall from its flat base placed facefront onto the wall. It gives a protruding and/or three-dimensional stance which further raises the bar high for a conventional home decor mirror to have intricate designs.


Wall mirrors are found in the section of home furnishing stores where people often window-shop, not quite because of the prices, rather that, they are not a ‘need’ and that they may not have a real purpose. But everybody likes to be gifted wall decors and especially decorative mirrors for the living room, a cozy corner of the house or apartment etc. During house-warming functions, a persistent feeling of not wanting gifts bigger than you can keep in, sets in as people visit. How wonderful it would be to be gifted a mirror but one which really has infinite places where it may be placed without having to worry about not having enough space as it blends right into the wall. Everytime one passes by, they will be sure to take a look at it and then walk past. It is quite rare for people to avoid looking into mirrors. As far as the occasion to gift a mirror decoration for the wall is concerned, the two major events to gift the wall decor would be a house-warming party or a birthday party. The living room and the bedroom are the two places where this mirror is commonly placed. Cafes and restaurants can make use of this idea as well. A lot of people who turn up to cafes look for decent pictures to post on their social media accounts or for print photos out or simply save them as memories in the device they were taken in. What attracts customers to cafes in the first place is the decor and if word gets out of a beautifully designed mirror then all criteria are met for a group to meet up. This could also account for the fact that a lot of people choose cafes over restaurants, which of course, is a debate in itself. As gifts, these are the right amount of reasonable and fancy, making heads turn while unpacking.