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  • Ceramic Hanging Cup Planter
  • Ceramic Hanging Cup Planter
  • Ceramic Hanging Cup Planter
  • Ceramic Hanging Cup Planter
  • Ceramic Hanging Cup Planter
  • Ceramic Hanging Cup Planter
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Dusky Lory

Ceramic Hanging Cup Planter | Wall Hanging planter | Set Of 2 | Colour- Grey and Cherry

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  • Uncanny appearance: Most planters have a well defined base which is important to be placed on the ground. These lovely wall hanging pots stand apart from the mainstream types of pots and have a teacup resemblance. What makes it better is that it's not completely outward. The structure is made to look embedded halfway into the wall.
  • Ideal for indoor plants: A wall plant hanger is preferred for indoor plants since they have small roots, and their maximum growth height is compact as well. They do not weigh down on the pot causing it to crack. However, proper care must be taken to not affect the soil much - either by varying volumes of water, changing the soil, etc.
  • Compact design (or) ‘Space saviors’: There are a good number of pros to get one of these wall hanging pots asap. Another one is its size which is easily able to fit on office tables, cabinets, reception areas and of course, in classrooms and more. It saves space because it's only half a teacup. It may not have been as ideal if it had been whole.
  • Suitable plants for wall hanging pots: Indoor plants are being grown in so many homes and they have become so popular that people know the plants by their scientific names. A few of them, suitable to grow inside homes are: Haworthia, Cactus, Jade plant, Ferns, Peace lily, and Peperomia.
  • Ease of maintenance: Maintaining an indoor plant is just as hard and easy as maintaining an outdoor plant. There are various factors to consider such as shade, exposure to direct sunlight, water retention. It's quite easy to clean the planter though. All it takes is a damp napkin or cloth and you can wipe it away.
  • Colours available: These wall hanging pots for plants are available in Cherry and Gray colours.