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  • Hanging Table Clock | Metallic | Rose Gold Dusky Lory
  • Hanging Table Clock | Metallic | Rose Gold Dusky Lory
  • Hanging Table Clock | Metallic | Rose Gold Dusky Lory
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Dusky Lory

Hanging Table Clock | Analog Table Clock | Metallic | Rose Gold

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Excitingly mind - boggling product, the Hanging table clock, which is a table clock fused with the style of a hanging clock. Coming from the brand Dusky Lory, this analog table clock is tough, handy and manufactured by prowess manufacturers in the market to ensure what is delivered is one of the best, trending and of supreme quality and design. An analog table clock with a very fancy hanging feature to it, apart from being a show stopper piece for interiors it's a desirable table clock & antique collectible for one's own self too.

Dial Colour : Off white

Clock Colour : Rose gold

Type : Table Clock & battery operated

Display : Analogue


Size & Dimensions

Clock Size : 26 cm

Dial diameter : 11 cm


Material & Maintenance

: Iron metal

: Use normal dry dusting clock when needed

Comes in a Gift box packaging.

Finished in Rose gold color and entirely made in iron metal, the hanging table clock is no less than a perfect corporate gift or informal gift for friends and family on various occasions. You must have already started picturing giving your conventional study table a glam twist using an unconventional product like this that in return gives the ambience a vintage, vogue and royal feel, right? The study table clock takes considerably less space and maintains the balanced look on the study table/ side table of your room. Buy the exceptional table clock, online, from the Dusky Lory and flip the mood of your study table or side table from boring to lively.

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Why to choose Hanging table clock from Dusky Lory

There must have been times when you were in a hurry and have lost track of time, you wished to look at your table clock to know the exact hour you are in but, sadly, the clock itself has drowned in the ocean of stuff you have on your table. This is common and happens very often as the usual table clock tends to trip and falls on the table surface and in case one has loads of things spread and are all over the study or general table, the watch chooses to hide beneath! This, at times, leads the table clock to show up ugly scratches and cracks on the table clock dial. To some of these issues, the solution that Dusky Lory presents is the best table clock India, stylish and sturdy metallic Hanging table clock! Yes, a table clock along with the feature of hanging the clock head to a tough stand. The available table clock online is no less than a piece you may refer to as a table clock antique item due to its form, design and appearance. The Rose gold metallic finish of the iron metal analog table clock is very attractive and could turn a simple study table to a striking one. The feature of hanging the clock structure on the stand, which is at a considerably good height from the surface on which it is kept, saves the table clock from getting struck by the hand while working and falling or getting lost under the pile of files and sheets as the complete study table clock takes less surface area and one can easily look at the time while working without having to stoop or pick a clock that looks like a table clock antique, again and again along with giving a stunning vibe to one's table.

Shop elegant table clock online, the best table clock India from Dusky Lory store

Your search for something fresh and new in style and design in a timepiece for your inferiors is over, Dusky Lory presents to you a crazy new yet very sophisticated and classy product, the hanging table clock, available table clock, online, where the clock is a table clock and a hanging clock, both at the same time. Among various designs of the best table clocks in India, as table clocks antique, this one is the fusion of modern and antique styles. The idea and the finish of this hanging table clock/ study table clock is unique and modern while the design details and form of the overall table clock is very antique and classic in its true essence. Once put together, the stand and the clock head, the height of this product comes to 26 cms with the head dial of diameter 11 cms. The fact that the iron metal analog table clock is finished in Rose gold color, makes it super attractive and desirable by one and all. This available table clock, online can be bought from Dusky Lory story either online or offline. One that could, undoubtedly, be regarded as the best table clock India, the clock that is table clock antique item, is a battery operated product which when not in use can be stored without the cells and this would make the cells and product last long and be kept safe for a longer period of time. Not just a fancy collectible for your study table but the hanging table clock is also seen as a fine corporate gifting and any other formal or even informal gifting item for various such official and unofficial/ family events. Birthday parties, office parties, wedding, anniversary, family get together or minor festivities, any event or moment of celebration could be the reason to gift your loved ones these table clocks antique that brings a smile to their faces and could recall the happy time and your companionship whenever they gaze at the hour in this classic study table clock. Get your table clock online from Dusky Lory.

What makes Hanging table clock / study table clock so unique

Our brand, Dusky Lory, holds a firm belief in prowess, quality and functionality fused with trends and aspects of sustainability. Made and manufactured by expert manufacturers in the market with finest of the raw materials, the hanging table clock being the best table clock India is an epitome of uniqueness. The table clock that is kept on the table surface also hangs from a height to ease the time tracking and nice placement of clocks on the table avoiding the situations of toppling down of the table clock or being struck by the hand or heavy pile of folders while you are keeping the same on the table. The stand on which the clock head of the table clock antique boldly hangs makes it very prominent and distinct of a product that adds class to your study table. An analog table clock like this next to a table clock antique piece as this one is the fusion of modern and antique styles where the idea and the finish of this study table clock is unique and modern while the design details and form of the overall study table clock is very antique and classic in its true essence. Rose gold finish on the Iron metal analog table clock in an antique design as well as the product image and modern conceptualization makes it so very unique of an interior product that is also an antique collection for design enthusiasts. The look into the dial of the hanging table clock reminds of the vintage and antique aesthetics while the design speaks of modernism and thoughtfulness. If you're aspiring to make one of such table clocks, antique, yours then hurry up to the Dusky Lory store and buy the amazing table clock online that is just a click away from you. Another aspect that makes the table clock, antique item, even more unique to collect and have is the versatility, whether it's a family wedding, your Boss's anniversary, or a friend's special day, this readily available table clock online is going to rock every stage, being admired by youngsters, adults and elderly!

Where all can you use the amazing analog table clock

The Rose gold Hanging table clock/ table clock antique are out of the box products that enliven the area wherever they are kept with the very significant aura of such products, must say. There is no interior style that would repel the aesthetic of this analog table clock.

High end, Traditional, cottage style, vibrant modern, minimalistic, Royal British countryside, English colonial, Vintage Indian, whatever the style of your interior may be, this timepiece from, best table clock, India will blend in very easily, making the presence felt and lauded.

  • Keep it on the study table as a study table clock for children or adults.
  • Place the table clock on the side table in the bedrooms to uplift the look of the same.
  • It's highly admired as an office table clock for any official's cabinet.
  • Showcase the hanging table clock in the Hall or drawing room of your home, beside the TV table or on the side shelves or cabinets.
  • For the times when your mum or dad is baking, cooking or steaming your favourite delicacy and the process requires time tracking, this table clock could be used as a time tracker hung above the surface but kept on the kitchen slab or side table to do the task of time noting!
  • Another great option would be to wrap up the best table clock India in a gift wrap and extend it to your loved ones to receive smiles, awe and affection in return.
  • Readily available, table clock online on Dusky Lory store, awaiting to be grabbed by you. Get your table clock, antique, and a few table clocks, antique, for your family, friends and as a present for some very special occasions.