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  • Mini Pool Table | Acrylic | 51cm X 31cm X 9cm Dusky Lory
  • Mini Pool Table | Acrylic | 51cm X 31cm X 9cm Dusky Lory
  • Mini Pool Table | Acrylic | 51cm X 31cm X 9cm Dusky Lory
  • Mini Pool Table | Acrylic | 51cm X 31cm X 9cm Dusky Lory
  • Mini Pool Table | Acrylic | 51cm X 31cm X 9cm Dusky Lory
  • Mini Pool Table | Acrylic | 51cm X 31cm X 9cm Dusky Lory
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Dusky Lory

Mini Pool Table | Mini Acrylic pool | Small Pool Table | 51cm (Length) * 31cm (Width) * 9cm (Height)

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Compact size: Evidently, a pool table is known to be occupying more room. This alone is quite the drawback since most apartments and houses cannot accommodate this luxury pastime. Fortunately, Dusky Lory has solved this hitch. We have launched a diminutive mini 8 ball pool table with the reduction in the size of the billiard table size. What is remarkable is that the quality has not been compromised. Many like to play pool as a hobby and it is an amusing pastime for everyone to watch.

Convenient and handy when traveling: The one feature that sets this mini pool table apart is that it can easily be carried. This makes the pool table a must-have during vacations. Whether it is to pass time huddled in a campsite or a hill station, it is not a nuisance since it can be packed into a little container and taken anywhere and set up. It is handy and can be folded to be kept in vehicles while traveling.

Lightweight: Another great characteristic of this billiard table is that it is on the lighter side of the weighing scale, making it effortless to carry around. This helps the whole crew when on vacation since no one has to take up the burden of lifting the heaviest material. This makes the small pool table easily accessible by kids and not only adults.

Fine quality acrylic: With a bunch of advantages, it only makes sense for us to come to terms and trade-off the quality of the product, right? Wrong. This is a win-win situation at hand and it might not be the best idea to pass up on this silver opportunity. This mini billiards table is made of 8 mm acrylic, and is quite resistant to rough handling. However, regular maintenance and storage will make the pool table last long.

Easy to clean: With several nooks and corners, it may come off as difficult to wipe off the dirt and dust. Rest assured because the billiard pool table is very easy to clean. A napkin can be used to wipe off dust and in case of moist dirt -  a cotton piece of cloth which is slightly damp can be used to wipe the billiard table, followed by dabbing with a dry paper napkin or tissue or another cloth.

Dimensions: Length - 51 cm; Width - 31 cm; Height - 9 cm (51cm x 31cm x 9cm)

Material: The mini pool table is made of fine quality acrylic


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What are the contents of the mini 8 ball pool table? What is the basic objective of the game?

The pool table consists of a miniature billiard table, 2 billiard cues, 1 set of billiard balls and 1 billiard triangle. There are various tables and increasingly more of these are preferred owing to their miniature pool table sizes, which make the pool table to be versatile and also can be stored in any small sized living spaces. The mini 8 ball pool table game consists of a billiard table which in turn consists of 6 pockets, one in each corner and one each on both sides of the longer panel. There are 16 balls - 1 black, 1 white and the remaining 14 are coloured stripes and non-stripes balls. The white one is significantly smaller than the rest. Each player takes turns to place the cue on the table without touching with their hands any of the balls. The player aims to hit the white ball which in turn would hit either the striped or non-striped balls with the hope that either lands in a pocket. Further, the player aims to hit only the striped colour balls or the non-striped ones, based on whichever he hit first. At the beginning, all of the coloured ones are placed in a triangular billiard mould, and the black one is placed at the centre. Once aligned, the first player is chosen and they start the game by hitting the set of arranged spheres. One by one, all the similarly coloured spheres are pocketed and the game ends when the player who has pocketed all of their striped or non-striped balls and then finishes off with the black ball. At any point, in the middle of the game, if any of the players pocket the black ball without completely wiping out their set of the spheres, then they lose.

How does the mini pool table launched by Dusky Lory differ from the commercially available sizes and material of pool tables?

As observed in the images, the size significantly varies from the pool tables available in the market, and so does the material. Larger pool table sizes are made of wood, plastic (for small kids) or sometimes acrylic, such as ours at Dusky Lory. Do not go by the mere representation and small size as this pool table is quite rigid and holds well for a long time. While it is very expensive to buy a normal sized pool table, the mini pool table price is much lesser and a few great advantages are that they can be carried anywhere, folded to fit into average sized shelves, made of acrylic which means dampness does not really affect the material and their rigid structure which adds to their fine quality. This mini billiards table from Dusky Lory is a replica of the original sized one and there are close to no mistakes in their design. To make any small gathering or dinner fun, this can be brought out for a duel. Sometimes, this game is played in teams - two on each team making it four, with each of them playing once in four turns such that all of them get equal chances. The billiard cues of this small pool table are sturdy and their tip does not require to be rubbed on with chalk. This is done in regular tables so that the tip is not slippery. 

Is it easy to clean the small pool table? What are the steps?

Contrary to popular belief, the maintenance does not take heaps of soap water solutions and tons of various fabrics to clean the table. Although this table has its fair share of corners and a bumpy underside which may take a lot of patience to clean, the work itself requires less. Since the table is made of acrylic, which does not soak in moisture, the material can be wiped with a cotton piece of fabric which is slightly damp and then brushed through each of the pockets with a brush of rough bristles. Some other people use dish water solutions and a brush to lather at the corners and by using high pressure water washing systems, in other words, by running them under heavy pressure tap water, the soapy water runs off and a clean table remains. The first step of course, is to run the table and its contents separately under water. The next step is to mix up a solution of water and dish soap solution or any soapy solution. Lather the mix using a brush onto the table, triangular billiard, cues and balls. Don’t let the materials sit on the mini pool table for too long as they will collect moist dirt which will sleep through the tiny edges and settle there, causing mold to develop. The best way is to end with wiping off with a hot and damp towel and keeping it under a fan or simply letting it dry under natural heat.