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  • Classic Mastani Wooden Caddy | Cutlery Holder | Spoon stand Dusky Lory
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Dusky Lory

Classic Mastani Wooden Caddy | Cutlery Holder | Spoon stand

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  • More compartments: The whole point of purchasing a cutlery stand is to be able to hold spoons, forks, butter knives mostly, and in less common situations - skewers, chopsticks and tongs, etc. One of the most asked questions by customers is ‘How many compartments would be ideal?’ and the most popular answer is about three to five. We at Dusky lory found the middle ground and chose to have four compartments in our wooden cutlery holder. 
  • Multipurpose: If you are looking for a wooden spoon stand or a wooden knife stand, then you have come to the right place.  Why stop with just those though? This wooden organizer can also be used as a stationery stand - to place pencils, pens, highlighters etc. or in offices to place staplers, stapler pins, a pair of scissors, paperclips, etc. 
  • Compact structure: When opting for an organizer or a stand of any kind, the most important criteria is the space it occupies, and also that it has more divisions/sections. We at Dusky lory bring to your doorstep a ‘best-of-both-worlds’ kind of product.
  • Sturdy handles made of iron: While the body of the knife stand (wooden) is made out of fine quality wood, the handles are made of thick iron strips, which are bolted at the ends. 
  • Easy to maintain/clean: Cleaning this spoon stand for dinner table is a piece of cake. Pick a clean cloth or napkin, damp or wet them, and wipe away. That is all that is required.