Humsafar Wooden Tray | Buy Wooden Tray Online | 1(One) Wooden Serving Tray and 3 Jar Inluded
Humsafar Wooden Tray | Buy Wooden Tray Online | 1(One) Wooden Serving Tray and 3 Jar Inluded
Humsafar Wooden Tray | Buy Wooden Tray Online | 1(One) Wooden Serving Tray and 3 Jar Inluded
Humsafar Wooden Tray | Buy Wooden Tray Online | 1(One) Wooden Serving Tray and 3 Jar Inluded
Humsafar Wooden Tray | Buy Wooden Tray Online | 1(One) Wooden Serving Tray and 3 Jar Inluded
Humsafar Wooden Tray | Buy Wooden Tray Online | 1(One) Wooden Serving Tray and 3 Jar Inluded
Humsafar Wooden Tray | Buy Wooden Tray Online | 1(One) Wooden Serving Tray and 3 Jar Inluded

Humsafar Wooden Tray | Buy Wooden Tray Online | 1(One) Wooden Serving Tray and 3 Jar Inluded

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Want to serve a lot of delicious snacks to your guests at once without compromising on style?
Our elegant and spacious Akshaya wooden serving  tray with a walnut finish will save the day for you
It has got three compartments, the smaller two can be used to contain your lovely snacks and the bigger one can be paired up with three white metal bowls that will come complimentary with the tray.

This wooden serving platter has beautifully crafted metal handles that will make it easier for you to hold the tray and will also grab the eyes of your guests.
The lids on the bowls are also covered with an ancient metallic design to give a little vintage vibe to the platter.

(Note - Please make a video while unboxing, to claim any damage/missing in transit.

We will not help you in any case if you don't provide video.)

Blending functionality with creativity, this 3 tier wooden tray is sure to impress your guests and your loved ones too if you wish to use this as a present.

A wonderful gift for any occasion


Contents of the package

1 platter

3 bowls


Tray: 46.5 cm * 25.5 cm * 5 cm (with handle)

Included Metal Bowls- 11cm in diameter


Tray: Akshaya Wood with walnut finish
Bowl: Metal



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With the onset of the festive season the thoughts and ideas of interior upgradation and revamping that come along are very obvious for most of us. To this obvious desire of many, Dusky Lory stands ready with some very captivating serving tray, wooden items to start picking from. How often have you desired a simple yet elegant serving tray or wooden tray set loaded with festive delicacies and healthy nuts to be there on your center table or dining table that catches the attention of one and all? One of the best daily or festive serving tray options and available wooden tray online at very reasonable prices, that are so versatile that they'll suit almost every interior style, be it the most traditional or the new modern look. Some of the classics remain the classics with great prices, forever, just like these! Head on to Dusky Lory store to check out exclusives and buy wooden tray sets, serving trays and other wooden tray online that surely will upscale the interiors!

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Kitchen interiors, with time, are evolving everyday in terms of the kitchen gadgets, appliances, decor accessories, serving trays/ platters, layout, storage products, cutlery, crockery and sustainable material options i.e., in short anything and everything. Within the range of available wooden tray online, most traditional to the super modern, there are certain things that remain well set in roots with simply clever designs, much like the wooden tray sets, serving trays and wooden serving tray/ box options. Here’s your turn to rethink various aspects of serving trays and storing items and then make a choice that is sustainable, suitable and functional, all at the same time. Make your kitchen and home interiors be the quintessential snazziest and extremely thoughtful with the availability of wooden tray sets & wooden tray online

Types Of  Wooden Serving Tray Available on Dusky Lory Store 

Buy impeccable wooden tray online on Dusky Lory store for the enhancement of your living place with the delight and peace of mind for being a smart & consumer with smart choices, who cares about the sustainable aspects of products and isn’t adding up to the plastic pollution in the environment!

Humsafar Wooden tray

The Wooden serving tray of supreme quality and style is made up of the finest of the Walnut wood (from Akshay woods) and finished with utmost finesse. Wooden tray with handles is attached with metal grippers that look stunning with the designs inspired from that of the ancient motifs. This beautiful wooden tray with handles, crafted with care, passion and by artisans that are the experts in their craft,  comes along with complimentary metallic jars topped with lustrous metallic lids that have lid holders that have a design inspired from splendid ancient motif designs, made of metal materia. Available wooden tray, online, a deep description about the serving tray says that this wooden tray with handles has three compartments, one longer and two smaller (in a way a division of another longer into two sections). The longer section of the serving tray has a good capacity to hold up all three metallic jars at once in this tray. The jars in which one may store and serve dry fruits, snacks, mini cookies, nutty mixtures, candies and namkeens within the serving trays, wooden ones. The two smaller and comparatively shorter sections of the wooden tray set are good enough to store as well as serve two different types of dry fruits or dry edible stuff like cookies, candies or packed toffees in considerably good quantities. Fabulous serving tray, wooden, like this one is compatible with indoor and outdoor events, such as, birthday parties, anniversaries, kitty, soirees or normal get-together. Wood and metal, both these materials are such that they’ll ensure the freshness, protection and crispness of the items kept in the serving trays!

Dry Fruit Jar Tray 


We are well aware of your desire of possessing an item with a vintage appearance to store and hold up your snacks on your classic dining table and even kitchen interiors. This dry fruit jar tray is one such possession to resolve this specific need of yours. The look of this tray is so attractive that it could also be considered as a pleasant gifting item.The tray that comes along with jars could be taken as a packaging solution for small business owners, especially,  during the festive season and for customised birthday present orders. This tray is entirely made up of Sheesham wood, considered as one of the finest wood types in the industry and is decorated with designer and functional metal handles having designs of metal motifs that ease the hold of the product with the jars on it, that are complementary and a style add-on to the tray. The jar bodies with their lids and lid holders are made up of metal material throughout. The lid holder is an eye-catcher due to its mesmerising motif pattern. The 4 jars nicely store the edible variety in them, keeping them moisture-free and crunchy throughout their time period of storage. Only the amazing tray without the chic nut jars can be a holder of flavourful snacks, crunchy nuts and sweets, in case you organise a huge party, making your guests wrapped up in delight and a sense of royalty.

Dry Fruit Royal Black Box


If you are in search of a stylish dry fruit empty box or a little richer of an option for your storage range, this black royal black box that will also serve as the gift packing box.

This impressive geometry and the hexagonal shape provides spacious 4 sections for storing/ packing. This classic solution has many benefits as the box is entirely made up of MDF material that is tough as well as easy to carry around or keep, keeping the edible items crunchy, fresh and moisture free for a very long time. The lid of the royal black box is a glamorous piece in itself. Though made of MDF, it has three sectional cuts that are neatly covered with glass material and the central surface embellished with a chic metallic 3D bird with a gold finish, that has an additional task of being the holder for the lid of the box apart from being the showstopper for any house party with its contrasting look with the black box defining its richness in the true sense and appearance. The royal box can easily serve as a fine present for corporate parties, traditional festivities, wedding presents or even birthday presents from younger to the older age groups with overall outlook being so captivating that anyone would want to possess one and can leave people surprised, across ages.

Mishty Wooden Tray

If you are in love with the minimal style, the mishty wooden tray is one such product that can grab your attention or anyone with the same sensibilities in style. Finished in supreme quality Akshay dark walnut wood, this tray would be a magnificent utility item for your home interiors. The versatile product that you can use to store a mixture of crunchy nuts and dry snacks, mini cupcakes, tea cakes or beverage glasses for serving in indoor house parties or daily routines, such as daily coffee /tea service for the family members. Whenever the guests knock in, you’ll not have to worry about the service of snacks, biscuits, tea cakes and tea/coffee to your esteemed guests as the tray with ample space holds up the bowls, mugs and kettle nicely. The wooden utility item is best suited as a table candy or object organizer for kids birthday parties. This particular tray is elegant as well as constructed in a way to give good toughness to the product with a sturdy base made of two curved black iron flat belts on the two smaller sides of the rectangular structure. A blend of ample space with an entire rich look makes it best as a gift box/ tray to store snacking and munching items.